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Essential Enhancements

Once you have selected your countertop material, color and finish there are many important details to consider before we can bring your vision to life – and our team of experts are ready to help. We offer the essentials, along with a variety of design options to bring your unique style into your home, and affordable services to make the installation process easy. Our team will guide you and discuss the following items based on the needs of your project.

Digital Layouts

When selecting a material with heavy veining or a pattern, it is recommended to include a Digital Layout. We use high-resolution images of your actual slab(s) to show the veining and seams to see how your countertops will look before they are fabricated and installed.

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Sinks & Faucets

Select from a complete line of sinks and accessories to complement your budget and lifestyle. Choose from stainless steel, composite or porcelain sinks in nearly every size and configuration. Grids and strainers available for most sinks.


Add brackets to discretely support your new countertop overhangs. Our thick steel brackets are professionally mounted during your install to cabinets and walls to support the weight of your new tops. Available in many styles and configurations.

Enhancement Options

Sink Chip Minimizer

The most common service calls are in the kitchen from pots and pans chipping a sink’s edge. While repairs can cost $400 – $600, it is important to protect your investment. Add our revolutionary Sink Chip Minimizer to provide a layer of impact resistance by adding a rounded edge along the inside of your sink cutout. A Sink Chip Minimizer is ideal in bathrooms to soften and round the edge of your sink for a clean, aesthetic look. Available only on Natural Stone and Quartz.

Edge Profile

Add stunning detail to your countertops when you customize your edge profile. We offer a wide selection of beautiful edge designs to help you create custom countertops to suit your style.

Sealing/Stain Minimizing

Our hassle-free residential countertop warranty will protect your investment and provide peace-of-mind. And, it’s transferrable for the remainder of the warranty period should you choose to sell your home.

Additional Services


Avoid hiring another contractor to complete your project. Our professionals will reconnect your plumbing within 24 to 48-hours of install.

Tear Out & Disposal

Our trained install team will remove and haul away your old countertops on the same day your new tops are installed. This means there is no disruption to your kitchen or bathroom until the day of your install, saving you time.

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