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Employee of the Month



Melissa Layton

Melissa Layton is the backbone of our account management team. She handles our largest volume accounts and does so efficiently. Melissa also helps out in almost every facet of our front end business from daily tasks, to helping customers choose material, she is always the first one here and last one leaving as well. Thank you for your contributions to our team Melissa, we greatly appreciate it!


Carl McCray

Carl works as a material handler in our production facility but his impact can be felt everywhere. First and foremost, Carl is one of the nicest most sincere employees we have. He works extremely hard 100% of the time and consistently exceeds our expectations. He comes in early, stays late and helps out in many departments without asking. We are extremely proud of Carl and we appreciate your hard work.



Crystal Williamson

Crystal is a C.P.A. and the backbone of our accounting team. She started with us in 2018 and has shown to be a tremendous person and employee. She works diligently every day behind the scenes to support our team while working collaboratively with our clients in all financial aspects of our company. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to our organization.


Kyler Woodland

Kyler epitomizes the concept of team player. He started with us back in 2011 and has been an exceptional employee over the past 11 years. Although he wears many hats here, Kyler shines in sales and has fostered great long lasting relationships with his customers. His approach is based on providing impeccable customer service, going above and beyond for each customer. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to our organization.


Darrell Belle

Darrell is a phenomenal team player. He started with us back in 2013 and has been a tremendous employee during his tenure. Darrell’s greatest asset is his ability to collaborate efficiently between our scheduling, customer service, production, and installation teams. Most importantly, he has a knack for making customers happy which is evident by the amount of compliments we receive on his behalf. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to our organization.


Tierra Hutt

Most people know Tierra as the voice of our company, but more importantly, she represents the best of us. She has been with us for 3 years and is a dedicated and hard worker. Tierra is the lifeblood behind our services departments. She creates and manages our schedules between sales, production and field services always keeping everything on time making sure our customers aren’t waiting. Everything starts and ends with her. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to our organization.


Bobby Bove

Bobby has been an integral part of our production staff as our quality control employee. Although Bobby is in charge of quality control his impact on our company has been much larger due to his great communication skills. Bobby is never shy to jump in and out of tasks to help the company anyway he can. Since this post Bobby has been promoted to Install Supervisor. Thank you for your contributions to our team.


Fabian Noriega Jr.

Fabian is our hand fabricator in the production department. He comes to work on-time every single day, stays late when needed and always offers to work on the weekends. He is exceptional at hand fabrication and is always looking to better himself. He has put in extra time on surface polishing and repair work to help the company. He leads by example as his quality is amazing. Thank you for your contributions to our team.


Rob Scully

Rob is our Swiss army knife. Rob came to us from outside the industry and has become an integral part of our front end operations. Rob has given some great feedback and insight into our business that has prompted changes that will better us for years to come. Whether is estimating, managing a builder client or walking our yard with customers, Rob does it all. Thank you for your contributions to our team.


Tierra Hutt

Tierra continues to shine as our first employee to win this award multiple times this year. Tierra goes above and beyond in everything she does. She manages our schedules perfectly while collaborating between sales, production and installation. She excels in communication, organization of information and follow up. Most of all she is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your contributions to our team.


Brandon Sturgis

Brandon has been with us for less than a year but in that time he has demonstrated all the qualities we look for in employees. Brandon keeps all of our machines working, and our facility running as our machine maintenance person. He can fix anything. He is a dedicated hard worker, he is a team player, he offers to take care of issues even when they are outside of his position. Thank you for your contributions to our team.


Valerie Crain

Valerie Crain adds a tremendous amount of value to our business in multiple ways. First and foremost she is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to selecting and managing materials. This is why we transitioned her into a dual role as purchaser and account manager. She has elevated our offerings by bringing the world’s best materials to our location. In addition to her purchasing role she services some of our largest accounts to perfection. Last but not least she always looks to lend a hand and serves as a mentor to our staff. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to our organization.


Macey Bautista

Macey has thrived since transitioning from Accounting to Account Management. Although she is very quiet, her actions speak louder than words as she is one of our hardest workers behind the scenes. She is a team player, problem solves, has great time management and estimating skills. She has developed her skills at takeoffs and helped us landing three new builders. And is always looking to lend a hand. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to our organization.


Joseph Dennis

Joseph Dennis has been a long time employee of Coastal. He is our template review department and serves an important role in our process. Joseph is outstanding with his communication and collaboration between our departments. His work is exceptional and he always goes the extra mile for our customers and employees without being asked. Thank you for your contributions to our team. You are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting Coastal Countertops, formerly That Granite Place.

We have exciting news to share. That Granite Place is changing. We are rebranding to Coastal Countertops. With this name change, we are rebranding our company’s image by changing our look and feel. Our goal is to become your destination for selecting exquisite surfaces used on residential and commercial projects. We expect to be fully transitioned with the name change over the next few months before moving into our new 85,000 sq. ft location in Greenwood.

Same ownership. Same great employees but a fresh new look and feel.
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